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CBTC Summer Newsletter Oct 2017   

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CBTC Autumn Newsletter April 2018

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New LED Light Installation

The Club's turn in the installation queue for the new LED lights has come up and is currently scheduled for 6-8 August (Monday-Wednesday).

There will be a need to move court bookings to alternative courts during this period.  It may also be necessary to cancel some bookings. However, based on current court loadings, this is unlikely as typically only 1 or 2 courts will be down at a time while this work takes place.

If anyone can find a good home for the 'old' metal halide lights (1000W Elsco EVR2 240V units which are just out of warranty and still in good condition) they should contact the club.  We still have 10 of the 20 units available and it would be a shame to see then junked as most other clubs have been forced to do.

The club committee is also planning events to promote awareness of the new lights and to encourage greater use of the courts in the evenings by club members and the local community. 

CBTC Committee